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2010-2011 Environmental Science student:
I think that I would recommend this book to people that are interested in the topic of extinction. You don’t need to know much about the dinosaurs or of
historic eras. In this book, Raup uses fairly comprehensible language and explains to you a summary of basic but important events. He also uses good anecdotes to explain theories. He appeals to the common man and explains things in a way anybody can fully understand. He talks about a plethora of theories like the K-T theory of extinction and other mass extinctions throughout history. He explains of how every species will eventually die, as told by the Gambler’s Ruin problem. He helps the reader understand what scientists think about extinction and species. He used many graphs to help the reader interpret the data. Raup also touches upon some problems that need to be solved. At the beginning of the book he talks about how extinction hasn’t been fully investigated and how even though extinction plays a big part in our lives, it doesn’t have its own specialty. It’s a good book that hopefully can help you understand the good side of extinction. 

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