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The Fannie Farmer Cookbook

User Review  - maggiebry -

This is a basic cookbook for all of you who would like to learn basic techniques instead of going to the store and purchasing preformed prepackaged products. If you want to learn how to use kohlrabi ... Read full review

loaded with information

User Review  - suszebee -

I already had this cookbook but order this one as an early gift for my granddaughter. Shes a teenager and has a real interest in cookingbakingetc. She loves it. It is so easy to follow and has so many ... Read full review

A great basic cookbook

User Review  - cielle -

I had a very old copy that I have used for the last 30 years whenever I need a basic recipe or how to for cooking meats sauces desserts. It was so old it was falling apart so getting this new copy was great and nice to have updated layout. I think it is one of the best all around basic cookbooks. Read full review

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This was my wife's first cookbook. She got it from her mom when we were first married. We have used it off and on for over 20 years for things like how long to boil an egg. In the interest of improving my health I am doing 100 days of real food. No packaged or fast food. I dug out Fannie Farmer and have been amazed at what I have been able to cook. It's day 15 and I like the results already.

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This is the "Bible" of cooking in our house and I have given this to every bride I've known, particularly the ones that tell me they do not know how to cook.
I have just one qualm...the Quick
Coffee Cake recipe on page 479 in the 1979 version says to "bake for 20 minutes." This has got to be a misprint...I've never had this cake bake in any oven in less than 40 minutes. Still, I've had this book since 1979, my mother had this book, everyone who cooks should have this book. It's the definitive American cookbook. 

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I received my Fannie Farmer cookbook for Christmas in 1981. At the time, I didn't know what a treasure it would become. I believe it is the best cookbook to learn the "basics" of cooking. While some of the recipes have changed over the years it is still basically the same book that I have on my shelf - a testament to the timelessness of this book. As a previous review said, it is also my "go-to" book for just about everything. I've used it so much, my copy is now held together with a rubberband! 

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This cook book is at the heart of my kitchen. This was the first cook book I bought for myself over fifteen years ago. Oddly enough, I was looking for a donut recipe, and this book had several. Since then, this has become my "go-to" cookbook- the first place I look when I want a recipe for something, and often the last. The recipes are easy to follow and she has a wonderful version of every classic I ever need - chicken stew with feather dumplings, gingerbread, rich corn bread with a custard center, beef stew. Also the basics- how to boil a "medium" egg and what cuts of meat to cook with which methods. It is splattered, stained, and the binding is coming apart. The more the pages stick together with molasses the more I love it.  

Book order

User Review  - bhop70 -

As usual the book I ordered was shipped timely and arrived in excellent condition. Read full review

Thank you

User Review  - agk55 -

I have always loved this cook book and was so glad to find a new copy at such a reasonable price. Thank you for the great service. Read full review

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