First Philosophy: The Theory of Everything

Front Cover
Universal Publishers, 2007 - Philosophy - 429 pages
First Philosophy not only underlies the Theory of Everything, but also the Arrow of Time and philosophy itself. First Philosophy represents a comprehensive unified worldview based on a single unifying principle: "Laws of nature exist." First Philosophy is written for scientists, philosophers and the general reader who is scientifically or philosophically inclined. It is a book of knowledge that contains no preconceived philosophy or philosophical system. Instead, First Philosophy is logically deduced from our empirical knowledge of the universe. Not only is First Philosophy consistent with current scientific knowledge, but it also makes more than sixty testable scientific predictions. Some predictions, such as non-existence of Higgs particles, super-symmetric particles, Kaluza-Klein particles, and quark-gluon plasma, will each be tested once CERN's US$6 billion Large Hadron Collider is commissioned in late 2007.

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